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REVIEW: R9Kustoms waterproof side pannier for modern classic motorcycle Triumph

Well as we know, I ride a 2017 Triumph Street Scrambler here in Thailand. When I bought the bike, I was fortunate enough that it had a side pannier rack already installed on it. The Scrambler has the exhaust on one side and therefore can only run one rack easily.

Friends from R9Kustoms who have been making chopper luggage for some time have ventured into the world of side panniers. Their workmanship on the sissy bar duffle was exceptional, so to see a side pannier become available for my Triumph was a n brainer.

The side pannier is made from 22 ounce water proof waxed canvas. Available in black, military green or desert tan, these bags feature 100% genuine leather, used as a base and skirt on the bag to protect the underside, as well as all the straps and mounting setup.

Now this side pannier can be installed on any rack you have. This is made possible through the design of the rear mounting. It features three leather panels, the top load carrying panel is double laminated leather, with double stitching and rivets.

These three panels have accommodation for the heavy duty leather straps in one of thirteen positions, this means yes, no matter what rack you have it will be able to be mounted.

R9Kustoms retro side pannier saddlebag

The sides of the bag have pockets for water or fuel bottles, with a brass drain plug in the bottom should you cold drink sweat it won’t pool and get all yuky in the bottom of the pocket.

The front of the pannier has a full width pocket with a leather flat top with their logo heat embossed into it. Looks so awesome!!

Inside the bag it is double lined in a rubber backed tartan fabric to ensure your gear stays nice and dry.

I have seen these panniers mounted on Triumph Scrambler, Triumph Bonneville T120 and also a Triumph T100 Black. It looks awesome on all.

Mounting the pannier to the Scrambler, on a recent 600km ride, it didn’t move at 140kmh, and had the wife on the back also, she didn’t complain about it being there, it didn’t hit her leg or worry her.

She was more happy that it was big enough to carry everything she wanted to bring. At 16litres, we were probably using more than that as the pannier can be expanded by rolling it less out to about 22 litres.

Check them out at and order one!!

Shop online now at

R9Kustoms waterproof multifit side pannier

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