About R9 Kustoms

R9Kustoms was founded in 2020, is well established, real people, living real lives, and our main focus is to ensure you get what you paid for within a reasonable amount of time.

The products were designed after finding the other options available either lacked that true vintage look, or simply did not perform to what our idea of a great retro styling should be. With this in mind, the rolltop sissy bar duffle bag, tool rolls and panniers were born. Tough, classic and all multifit!

What really makes R9 Kustoms better than the rest? The moment you experience one of our products, you’ll understand why you’ve made the perfect choice. Crafted from a durable 22-ounce canvas, featuring reinforced leather panels, brass-style fasteners, top-notch hardware, and the unmistakable aroma of genuine cowhide leather, our products redefine quality and craftsmanship.

If you want the best result, you need to use the best materials, and we only accept the best!

All our bags feature an easy to use, weatherproof roll top design with a rubber backed retro tartan liner.

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Multi purpose is important in design, which is why our Sissy Bar Duffle Bags and Panniers come with a shoulder strap to make carrying them around camp a breeze.

When mounting the sissy bar duffle to your bike the strap can also be used around the duffle attaching at the front buckle strap retainer.

Retro inspired Rolltop Side Panniers for modern classics like the Triumph Bonneville, Street Scrambler or Royal Enfield designed with a simple multi-fit design.

The En-Route Saddlebag features all the trademark stylings from our Sissy Bar Duffle Bag like genuine leather and brass style elements.

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The heavy duty 22 ounce canvas on your new bag is coated in a light wax sealer, which is part of making our product weatherproof.

With extended exposure to the elements, we recommend applying a waterproofing spray or wax rub at least every 3-6 months depending on use.

FAQ: Fitment and caring for your new luggage?

Hustler Sissy Bar Duffle Bag: If you are running a super wide sissy bar, we have allowed enough lace that should give you a good fit. Some customers though have really wide bases to their sissy bars. To help improve fitment, if the lace is not long enough using the eyelets, move them onto the new tabs which allow for more width. If you are using the early model without the tabs, to allow you to slide the corset completely down the sissy bar with ease, remove the toggles from the end of the lace, and drop the lace from the top two eye holes and put your toggles back on, that will allow more length to the lace and width at the base for a good fit.

En-Route Pannier Saddlebag: You new pannier comes with three top straps and one lower locating strap. Always ensure you use the three top straps, the top panel they thread through is double leather laminated with 600D behind. It is super strong and carries all the weight of your bag. The lower strap (used for locating) can be moved to one of the other positions depending on the layout of the rack on your bike. Always try and mount the pannier high on the your rack, ensuring the top straps over the rolltop are secure and tight.

The canvas on your new bag is coated in a wax sealer, which is part of making our product weather proof. With exposure to the elements, this will diminish, so we recommend applying either a new wax sealer or a waterproofing spray at least every 3-6 months depending on use.

You bought your bag to use, and lets face it, it’s getting used out on the road, maybe a dirt track or in the rain with grime on the road. When you get home, if your canvas has mud on it, a soft damp cloth will suffice to clean it off, or if there is a larger amount, an old toothbrush can be a great help also.