Virostko Chopper Mini Pannier Saddlebag (Black)

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At R9Kustoms, we have been working on a collaboration with Chop City Customs to produce the retro Virostko Chopper/Bobber Rolltop Mini Side Pannier (Black). It takes its design queues from the R9Kustoms En-Route Pannier, being designed to mounted with ease on either the left or right side of your bike. Designed with a universal mounting system on the rear of the bag in such a way as to ensure no matter what style of rack you have on your bike, the side pannier will easily adapt to fit.

Supplied with the side pannier are three durable full grain leather mounting straps, which are 4.5mm thick and stitched like a men’s belt with black buckles, these can be used in thirteen positions on the back of the side pannier to ensure a secure fit no matter what rack you currently have.

The Chopper Mini side pannier uses a water proof, 22 ounce heavy duty waxed canvas. The bag is double lined with a rubber backed camo material to ensure the contents stay dry. Our pure and honest design completes that great look for your modern classic ride.

The side pannier features our classic Roll Top design that’s allows flexibility of storing capacity as well as making sure the dust and rain stays out. Leather straps secure over the top to allow you to achieve extra volume in your pannier. One side of the pannier has a water/fuel bottle pockets, with drain holes to make sure no water pools in it.

The inside of the bag features the tool mounting capacity found in the R9Kustoms Burrito Tool roll, meaning you can use it as a day pannier, as well as leave your necessary tools packed away for that unplanned mechanical stop. The saddlebag also features a removeable carry shoulder strap.

Straps are made from full grain tan coloured leather, double stitched and feature press buckles, studs and rivets to ensure a long life in the harshest elements.

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The bottom of the pannier features a full grain leather skirt which not only looks amazing but helps protect the bottom of the pannier. BAG SOLD AS SINGLE UNITS.

Height 9 inch
Width 10 inch
Depth  6 inch

Min 5 liter – Max 6 liter

0.8 kg

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At R9Kustoms we love the “Keep it Simple” mantra, and our side pannier is basic yet functional in its design. This pannier will suit many Cruiser, Chopper or Bobber style bikes. The multifit design of the pannier will fit most hard tailed frames or bikes with a small seat rack to mount to.

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Other colours available:
Black weather resistant waxed canvas with Light Brown leather trim and Oriental Crane Liner.
Black weather resistant waxed canvas with Black leather trim and Camo Liner.
Desert Tan weather resistant waxed canvas with Black leather trim and Camo Liner.

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